Lean Manufacturing

Choctaw Defense focuses on continual process improvement through Lean Manufacturing methodology and ISO compliant, certified processes and procedures. We implement Lean Manufacturing principles for all aspects of our work, from administrative functions through production activities and on to shipping activities.

Our success in implementing Lean Manufacturing production principles to government contracts is proven through three successful Lean Manufacturing production programs in process at this time:

  • 105mm Munition Containers
  • Camel II Water System
  • MTVR-T Modular Deck

Principal benefits of Lean Manufacturing include:

  • Eliminating waste by using single piece flow
  • Improving quality
  • Reducing inventory
  • Reducing required manufacturing floor space
  • Enhancing manufacturing flexibility
  • Providing a safer work environment
  • Improving employee morale

In 2012, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance awarded Choctaw Defense an "Excellence in Innovation" award for the successful use of our Lean Manufacturing work processes.