All-Terrain Trailers

Today's military vehicles spend more time off-road than on. They demand a matching trailer family with the muscle and guts to safely haul water, ammo, gen-sets, and more while enduring the off-road pounding that military vehicles dish out - a trailer such as the Choctaw Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement Trailer (MTVR-T). This unique trailer hauls everything from water and ammo, to break-bulk cargo across rough terrain mission profiles, delivering necessary supplies and power to soldiers in the field.

The MTRV-T has a removable and stowable headboard, tailgate, and cargo protection, making loading and unloading easier and faster. In addition, strategically placed internal and external cargo tie-downs secure a full range of maximum payload cargo.

The modular deck use a single platform to transport gen-sets and flood light systems. A unique fastening arrangement uses ISO style locks to secure gen-sets to trailers, allowing for a balanced load at multiple load configurations. The location of the generators allows opening of panel doors for ease of operation and maintenance.

The MTVR-T can be equipped with Quad Con-type water modules for water configuration that keeps its cool under pressure. The design allows soldiers to quickly fill canteens and 5-gallon containers with minimum spillage.