Choctaw Defense has designed, developed, and produced Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) kits since 2002. BDAR kits are used on the battlefield to repair Army vehicles that have been damaged in battle. These battlefield repairs allow the vehicle to remain mobile and return to base.

A BDAR Kit is an assemblage of commercially available items that allow for temporary field repairs on battle damaged, wheeled vehicles and equipment. BDAR kit components are contained within a storage bag designed to prevent damage of the components during transportation via hand carry, ground vehicle or aircraft.

Typical activities included in producing a BDAR kit include:

  1. Develop kits in accordance with Government requirements.
  2. Identify commercial, off the shelf items (COTS), design and configure kit components.
  3. Manufacture foam packing trays.
  4. Purchase bulk quantities of COTS.
  5. Assemble component items into finished kits.
  6. Perform program management activities.
  7. Comply with internal ISO quality system requirements and government quality and testing requirements.
  8. Package and deliver the completed pallets of kits to the government.