Camel II

The Unit Water Pod System (Camel II) consist of an 800 gallon water tank that is insulated, jacketed, baffled and includes integrated freeze protection and all hoses and fittings necessary to dispense potable water. It is the U.S. Army's primary water distribution system, used by units at all echelons throughout the battlefield and replacing the M107, M109 and M1112 series 400 gallon water trailers (Water Buffalo).

The Camel II system is mounted securely on a government furnished M1095 trailer, using components developed by Choctaw Defense. Using the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle Trucks allows for better transportability on and off the road.

The Camel II is operational from -25 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It also contains six filling positions for filling canteens and five gallon water cans.

The acquisition strategy consists of two increments:

  • Increment 1 is the basic system with freeze protection
  • Increment 2 provides modular component(s) to give the Camel II water chilling, pumping, circulation and onboard power generation as add-on capabilities.