Paveway is a generic term for Laser Guided Bombs (LGB). PAVE is an acronym for Precision Avionics Vectoring Equipment; literally, electronics for controlling the direction and flight path of this type of weapon. Laser guidance is a form of Pave. Other commonly used terms for these weapons is “smart bomb”, “laser guided bomb and “precision guided bomb”.

In 1988, Texas Instruments (now Raytheon Missile Systems) and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma entered into a Mentor-Protege relationship with the intent to manufacture components of the Laser Guided Bomb system utilizing Choctaw employees and facilities in Oklahoma. A manufacturing entity named the Choctaw Finishing Plant (now Choctaw Defense) was formed.

The location selected for the manufacturing plant was in Hugo, the current Choctaw Defense Building #1. Production of Paveway panel assemblies began in 1989 and has continued yearly to date. Delivery orders for panel assemblies vary but a ballpark average of 1,200 units per month is normal.

During this time, many thousands of panel assemblies of different varieties have been produced. In addition to producing panel assemblies for TI/Raytheon, Choctaw Defense has produced them for Lockheed Martin also.

The Paveway series of laser-guided bombs was developed by Texas Instruments beginning in 1964. The first weapon test took place in April 1965. Prototype weapons were sent to Vietnam for combat testing starting in 1968. Paveway LGB’s were extensively used in both of the Gulf wars and Afghanistan and are still used today by the United States and many other of our allies.