Rotary Wing Rack

A Rotary Wing Rack is a 50" X 26" X 30" holding structure that contains the rotor blades for the CH-47D aircraft during transportation and storage. Two Rotary Wing Rack units comprise one set, making up a transportation adapter unit used to transport CH-47D rotor blades in military cargo transport aircraft. The completed assembly includes aluminum, wood, rubber and fabric components that are welded, bolted, bonded and/or sewn. Production activities include:

  1. Produce First Article item, along with First Article Test and Inspection Report
  2. Pass Government First Article examination and test fit
  3. Manufacture aluminum, wood, fabris and rubber components utilizing CNC and manual machines
  4. Weld IAW specified codes
  5. Complete assembly processes, including adhesive bonding and sewing
  6. Assemble components into sub-assemblies and assemblies
  7. Chemical finish
  8. Apply CARC paint and ID markings
  9. Commercial packaging and mark for shipment
  10. QA inspect and test